Hi, I'm Talai Loma

Life is your discovery tour

Life’s a discovery tour, an opportunity to put into practice different awareness and understanding.


Welcome to my website

This is my space where I can share with you who I am and how I came to be doing what I do.

We are the creators of our reality, cause and effect, that which we put into motion whether it is a thought, an action, belief, and it is reflected back to us through our choices, our awareness, our understanding.

How I Work

All my work, whether it is with an individual, couples, families, groups / classes, a business, is in collaboration with Source. When I use the terminology “Source” it is the Source of being human, that which is our point of origin, our individual spark, a light that is creation. My work is in alignment with the personality / collective personality of the person, group, family, business, flowing the information / vibration necessary to assist in the desired outcome, the request for a new alignment, new experience.


Vibration is the major component to the work that I do, for shifting how we feel helps support the new language we put into practice, the language that supports our expansion and awareness in who we really are, coming to take ownership of our true identity.


Sessions are designed around the request or desired outcome. Sessions consist of the flowing of Universal Assisted Learning / information, vibrational / energy work. We are vibrational beings first and foremost our physical experience is not who we are it is what we are doing at this time, as Source focused into form.

Individual Sessions

All my work, whether it is with an individual, couples, families, groups / classes, a business, is in collaboration with Source. when I use the terminology Source it is the Source of being human, that which is our point of origin, our individual spark, light that is creation.

The Analogies

The purpose of the Analogies, within the practise of  ‘Physics of the Universe’, is all about bringing through a simple understanding of a teaching.
Throughout my life I have received the teachings ‘Physics of the Universe’ which I have then put into practice utilising non-judgement, vigilance, repetition.
At times I did not know what I was receiving, was what I wanted to know until I experienced / felt vibrationally the understanding of the teachings.

First Analogy: The Fly Fisherman

The Fly Fisherman was the first analogy to come to me clearly and it applies to most humans where distraction is often the biggest barrier to being open to knowing who you truly are, easy and effortlessly.

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New podcast with Anne Bluesky

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/wv1Tom5XOvU Soundcloud link: https://on.soundcloud.com/3RC26 Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/episode/55j8GIB80rTc1M53rLhrVC?si=055599e1673b4aca

Live Streams

CREATOR HUMAN – Focus is Focus Creating a Lifestyle of Your Choosing

Cirque du Solei for the Mind Explanation ~ Physics in Motion A Vibrational Philosophy Encompassing the Principles of Universal Lore Understanding of Personal / Planetary …

Butterfly in Motion Talai Loma
Live Streams

Butterfly Magic In Motion

This is an image I created as we came into the NZ winter solstice 2021. Transmutation Less Caterpillar more Butterfly EMBRACING new life possibilities Life …


It’s been my pleasure to work with these indivividuals

"Working with Talai over the past years has been truly life transforming ! Working with her has given me such a deep sense of being seen and understood. I feel deeply supported and gain a lot of confidence in my own abilities as a conscious creator. I feel I have gained so much “extra understanding” about myself, my gifs and the wild and wonderful workings of the universe. Her approach is loving and direct allowing you to receive and integrate information easily. I would highly recommend working with Talai !"
Genevieve Kayra
"Talai has been instrumental in navigating significant evolution in my life. I had already accessed and utilised the concepts of rewiring my brain to recover from a chronic debilitating illness. Then I had to face a wild and unravelling divorce, with 2 children. My choice was to not be the victim, been there done that! Instead to take full control of my life. Even when we know the power of this stuff, we sometimes need to draw on extra support to shift some of the deep seated belief systems…. & frankly, when life is shite. Talai would just say "STOP IT AMY "- for that I am eternally grateful! Reinforcing the power of language and being the creator of my own reality, has strengthened beyond measure though repetition and her guidance. I LOVE referring to the old Amy and the NOW Amy. Thats where the magic is….."
Amy Dinniss, Interior Architect
New Zealand
"I remember something you told me years ago that changed my mind.. the way I talked to myself and the world around me It was life changing and I want to honour your soul for sharing it with me I embrace the part of me that knows the absolute divine truth everything else I hand over to be healed with love Thank you 🙏💕 It’s a pleasure to be sharing this experience with a coherent soul as yours. Many blessings, Heather "
Heather Stockdale
"Talai has been in my life for about fifteen years as a friend and teacher. Over that time, I have watched her develop her gift and use it to help other in their lives and careers. Talai has helped me make the choices I needed to move forward in my journey through life and leave behind the baggage of the past so I can grow to be the person I was born to be. The style is always easy and full of laughter and love, but the message is clear and poignant for the space I am in at the time. If I am struggling at times, I come away from Talai lighter and happier with where I am in my journey, she has a way of reminding you of where you are at and how far you have come. I feel blessed to have Talai in my life, she just has a way of putting situation into perspective and injecting some humour as well. If you’re ready to make a change in your life and create the life you want for yourself, Talai can help you navigate the path to the future that is waiting for you."

It is not a mandate that things need to be difficult, hard or a struggle we can choose easily and effortlessly; we always have freedom of choice.  

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