CREATOR HUMAN – Focus is Focus Creating a Lifestyle of Your Choosing

Cirque du Solei for the Mind

Explanation ~ Physics in Motion

A Vibrational Philosophy Encompassing the Principles of Universal Lore
Understanding of Personal / Planetary Magnetics
Gathering Momentum as a practiced Lifestyle
Keys ~ Non-Judgement, Vigilance, Repetition.

A Streaming of Information

The art of bringing words together to explain something, creating a stream of consciousness like creating a strand of beads, each bead a part of a sequence, colour combinations that support the desired look, the desired outcome.

To me Physics in Motion is a practiced Lifestyle ( to the best of my ability ) taught to me by my Source of Being Human, my Infinite Intelligence.

A ( putting into practice the understandings ) practiced understanding of the magnetics of this planet, ourselves as Magnetic Beings, cause and effect, that which is Universal Lore, Law of Attraction, what goes around comes around.

As a Lifestyle it is based on the feeling side ( not emotions ) of the being, on the Vibrational Self your original state, Your Source of Being Human – that is continually evolving through this Time Space Continuum, life focussed into physical form.

To understand the Vibrational Self is not about what you think or talk about it is about what you feel – in all situations and experiences.

Even though Physics is not an emotionally based Philosophy, it can trigger emotions as you discover it’s understanding relative to you. Your emotional responses will not change Universal Lore, the Law of Magnetics, however if you are experiencing an emotion expressed through suffering and you wish to feel better it is to embrace freedom of choice and choose a new focus.

Cirque du Solei for the Mind…

Changing your default programs, that which has been taught / practiced and become hard wired using repetition. An opportunity in breaking down the old paradigm, the old patterns of judgement and repetition that support suffering i.e., practiced habits, practiced lifestyle utilizing subtle judgements, recognising the affirming of a life choice to confirm Lifestyle.

To promote a belief in limitation, shortage, suffering ( l.s.s ) is to create l.s.s

If you are repeating / engaging in information about l.s.s then you are supporting / affirming / the sustainability of it in your perceived reality, the continuing flow of it on this Planet, in your life and the lives of those that align too similar affirming through varied styles communication, of sharing information ~ cause and effect.

Everything on ( not of ) this planet has been created here it hasn’t been shipped in, brought in from somewhere else in the Cosmos. If you can understand that humans have called out in Joy, dreams, prayers, suffering, battlefields, celebrations over millennia affirming / focusing energy creating a magnetic flow of experience into their personal / collective / physical realities.

If there is a belief in a shortage of something it is because Creator Humans have affirmed it into their reality not because it is just happening for no reason. Any attention given to shortage, limitation, suffering is a supporting momentum of its existence. It doesn’t matter whether it is food, money, a lover, a job, holidays, health and well-Being etc all cause and effect.

Everything you speak daily ( your ears hear everything you say ) particularly that which you repeat often is an affirming of YOUR reality not anyone else’s only yours.

Your ears hear EVERYTHING you say

This Construct is based on magnetics what you draw to you, what you repel from you is all you and that is how Humanity creates re telling stories in a certain way, a choice of dialogue, if in judgement, limitation. Without exception that is what will appear in a person’s reality, not because it is being forced upon anyone, not because it is a punishment but because that is how you are affirming your individual reality, sometimes shared / sold ( fear is the most advertised / sold / consumed product on this planet ) in away to convince others that it is the same for them, that’s been happening for eons of time, others telling you where to look / focus, who you are and what you are capable of.

When you understand Physics relative to you and truly come to understand that you are the Creator the Source of your reality ( what you are drawing to you via Vibrational Pluses / ripples / stone in a pond ) then you will start to recognise the dialogue you are using, the emotions you are interacting with, then you can decide whether you want to keep feeling those emotions or not.

A practiced lifestyle of non-judgement vigilance and repetition will unequivocally support the creation of stability in optimum health and well-being within the physicality – Your body devoid of suffering.

To understand you are a Vibrational Being focused into form therefore how you feel is your number one priority. To be well is to understand this and take responsibility for your focus, your dialogue, how you are feeling. Without exception it is you that chooses your emotions, the power of practicing freedom of choice.

Yes you could say you are feeling this way because of what you are experiencing yet it is your practiced vibration that called the experience (magnetics) to you / you aligned ~ cause and effect.

If you keep vibrating / affirming the same ,you will have more of the same, if you change what you’re vibrating / affirming then you will feel something different, it takes practice ~ freedom of choice now or later what you are vibrating aligns your reality.

Vibrationally there is nowhere to hide in this universe!

You can tell your stories about your genomes your dna yet they are creating more stories, utilising the power of suggestion creating beliefs about limitations about who you are and the practice of things that support suffering within the physicality. You are a Vibrational Being focused into form a Creator Human, then how can something be contagious or hereditary?

You are a Creator Human your creation, how can someone else tell you what to experience or how to experience something?

Yet that is the way that Humanity has created the development of Intelligence over millennia. Humanity has created a limitation supporting suffering to the experience of the Creator Human by making something that has been discovered / perceived, a declaration – this is the way that it is when how can it be if each one of you is a Creator, a Creative Human.

Where is your focus, what reality are you focussed on, are you focused on someone else’s story and making it your own that suffering is inevitable or a mandate, in history structures like some religions and medical systems have / created / are creating a lot of suffering in the minds of humans in turn creating suffering to support an ongoing belief that you are not capable of maintaining your health and well-being.

When you truly understand the words that you are a Creator Human and you do it consciously through your magnetic pulses / vibrational awareness and practice your ability to align to your Infinite Intelligence you will align to a reality of your conscious choosing.

Your Vibration supports your next experience

Focus has become so detailed on things of the past that the evolution of Healthy Creator Humans has slowed down, being told – you should worry about this or be concerned about that, this is permanent you must live with this for the rest of your life. So not true as many who have been told they are going to die of cancer are still walking around those who are told they will never walk again 2 years later walking, pseudo medicine, the proof is already in the world.

What kind of vibration do you believe worrying is, is it healthy for your well-being?

As a Creator Human you can create any lifestyle you choose any physical mental emotional experience you choose that’s Physics in Motion – freedom of choice.

At a base level now or later, acknowledge, recognise how you are feeling with your thoughts and dialogue decide whether you are enjoying what you are feeling. If you are great amplifier it, ride it with a joy filled heart, celebrate your Momentum if you are not then choose how you want to feel. Be a True Creator express your freedom of choice.

Let The Magic Carpet Ride Begin

The unravelling of the Sciences, experiments done in laboratories, controlled environments! To put into practice the understanding of a Physics Lifestyle is to take ownership Creator Human you are the Physicist / scientist, the Explorer, the navigator you are the Internal Eternal Physician of your well-Being. Your well-Being is not reliant on someone else telling ( unless you believe it ) you what’s good or bad for you, at a base level, your wellbeing is an expression of what you have been practicing / are vibrating at an emotional level. If you are not well you have been practicing something that supports that, nothing is forced upon you, nothing is hereditary or contagious, what you are experiencing is an expression of what you have been practicing / believed what you have been told, what you have been affirming into your reality, where your focus has been placed and how you feel when you are in any given focus.

Focus is focus – no getting around that – Vibrationally nowhere to hide in this Universe!

Scientists doing an experiment in the lab will always find what they are looking for. You can have two sets of scientists with opposing views and both will prove them to be right – it is the ‘Eye Of The Observer’ it is what you believe, what you focus on that becomes your reality.

If you believe something will be successful and you practice the vibration of that then it must become your reality (Physics) if you believe something will fail and you are practicing the vibration of that then it must become your reality.

Owning Your Magnificence – Become your own Physicist and practice the life you want to live, focus it into your reality and then you will truly understand your power as a Creator Human.

If you are wanting others to tell you what is good or bad for you or you don’t have choice, rather than Your ownership of your Divinity, you are allowing your focus to be influenced by someone else’s choices which is fantastic if you are really enjoying the ride and you are happy doing what you’re doing – loving what you are eating, singing, talking about or dancing to. But if the information you are focused on does not make you feel good then you can always choose to focus on something else and feel a different way – practicing the understanding of non-judgemental vigilance and repetition to create your reality yes your reality.

New paradigm ~ coming ready or not ~ are you up for it Creator Human are you willing to practice non-judgement vigilance repetition take ownership of your health and well-being your Clarity of mind, ownership that you are a Powerful Creator Human or are you going to continue to look at the shiny things that keep telling you that suffering is inevitable?

The good news is you have freedom of choice how exciting is that you get to choose for you!

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