What If’… Live Streaming Life

We come focused into this platform of physicality to experience and to discover our innate wisdom. To put into action a new understanding of Self.

We travel many pathways to gain the enlightenment of Self. We travel through many events created/focused into form to rekindle the knowing within. This is not specific or unique to the few. It is the birthright of all who are here, no matter their/our birthplace, their/our cultural background or that which fuels their/our desire to learn something new, to put into practice something new.

If we stay true to our own pace, our own space of creating, we will eventually return to the intuitive Self / our Source of being Human / infinite intelligence, for it is what we feel that tells the truth of where we stand in the recognition/belief in/of the totality of Self.

We are so much more than we have been taught to believe, we are so much more than the opinions of others, as they have glimpses into our lives & form assumptions of who we are.

To know your own resonance, to recognise how you feel, through the practice of your choices, is to know the Vibrational Self, the Intuitive You!

We are all unique in our own view and that’s ok.

May your journey continue to surprise you with opportunities to laugh and play along the way…

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