Winter Solstice

Here we are aligning with our winter solstice the perfect time to allow for the completion of that which no longer serves you (at this time) in preparation for the next magnetic cycle as our planet continues to orbit around the sun.

For us in the southern hemisphere it is coming into the completion of a magnetic cycle, winter solstice being the shortest day of the year.

From the bigger picture, a universal perspective, this time is about allowing, releasing, not pushing, not trying to make big decisions. It is about recognizing how you are processing and living your experiences as you ride your waves towards the winter solstice.

Embrace the understanding of a magnetic cycle, our world after all is based on magnetics, our orbit around the sun, North and South pole, birds fly South for the winter, animals know just when to move to the next watering hole, feeding / breeding grounds, all creatures and Mother nature flowing with the magnetics of this planet.

For humans, many have been taught to ignore, not trust, not pay attention, or experience an awareness or understanding of the intuitive self – the aspect of us that is part of the whole and flows with the magnetics of this system / construct. Our magnetic selves are in constant flow, alignment with being part of the whole. It is perceptions based on limitation that can lead someone astray when it comes to being in receiving mode and listening /feeling the flow from your infinite intelligence / your source of being human.

Riding the magnetics of this time and understanding this latest yearly magnetic cycle is coming into a completion – meaning the shortest day after which days start to get longer (even if only for a few seconds each day for a period of time). It is not a good time to make big decisions, push to control outcomes. When you recognize this and you look past the winter solstice (24th June) the energy / vibration is starting to build. For the Southern Hemisphere it is the ignition of a new magnetic year, a reincarnation day, a birthing day. Possibilities, new bountiful flow of awakened knowing within the choosing of what you wish to feel / experience in this next magnetic cycle.

May you continue to discover the Sacred InSights of Self with clarity and understanding.

May your balance continue to support your flow with ease, as you ride the magnetic wave of the southern hemisphere.

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